Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thread and O-Ring Necklace

HOLY COW....I sooo need to post here. I have been crafty, I swear I have!!

Look see, here's some instructions on a thread and o-ring necklace:Gather materials-
embroidery thread
glue pen
crochet hook
o-rings (these are actually knitting stitch markers)
large jump rings
Step 1- insert end of thread through o-ring
Step 2- begin wrapping thread around o-ring
Step 3- Use crochet hook to help pull thread through ring
Step 4- when about 1/4 of ring is wrapped, hold down thread and glue short end with glue pen
Step 5- continue wrapping
Step 6- when entire ring is wrapped, tie ends into a knot and glue. Then cut excess.
Repeat all steps for enough rings to achieve desired length. Attach all rings together with jump rings to form a necklace.

Unfortunately, I don't have a larger picture of the completed necklace (I was anxious to give them as gifts and got them wrapped before I could snap a pic.)

I liked using a wide variety of colors with very few neutrals for a summery, young feel to them. But any variety of colors could be used.