Monday, August 17, 2009

A Crafty Week!!

This has been a fairly productive week for me. The craft room was cleaned a few week ago, and since then I've found it easier to slip in and get some crafting done.
Wanna see what I created?
Here ya go!!

These first two are the same piece consisting of one large green focal bead with a few mid-sized black and white beads, a beaded chain on black wire, and a handmade hook closure.

Here's another beaded chain piece that includes a few other beads in aqua, purple, and lime; the beaded chain is made of silver-toned wire and black beads with a silver toggle clasp. The focal point of the necklace is a collaged piece (made by me.)

There are just some button flowers that I'm making to use up some coated wire that I don't really use for anything else.

Here's a beaded chain bracelet made from faceted glass beads and silver-toned wire with a magnetic closure. I'm not sure if this piece is done yet. I'm still thinking of using it as a base for a charm-style bracelet.

This last necklace is my favorite by far. While not done in the same exact same beaded chain as the ones above, it is still the same technique. This one uses copper wire and a variety of beads made of ceramic, wood, plastic, and glass. The closure is a handmade hook and eye. The focal piece is a handmade, lampwork bead that I bought MANY years ago. As such, I cannot remember the maker and I do apologize. It was bought at a bead show in New Orleans probably 5-6 years ago.
In addition to what's above, I also worked on some polymer clay bead making, but wasn't real happy with the results. So, I didn't worry with getting pictures of those.

As you can tell, my current crafty obsession is making bead chains (linking beads with wire to make a chain.)

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the fruits of my labor. I just wish I had more time to get in there and get my craft on!!