Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crafty Confession

So the two-blog thing is getting pretty hard on me especially with all the. . .well, life that I have. This is only post #5 and I just feel bad that I've done such a crappy job on this blog. However, in my defense - I have been rather crafty - continuing my shrink plastic obsession and passing it on to my nieces. I even attempted to string one of the shrink plastic pendants the other night. I seem to be doing great at STARTING creative endeavors, but finishing them has been another issue entirely.

Since I've made this confession to you, I've already started the tangent, I want to share another crafty confession. Okay, here goes: I can't sew. Oh - I HAVE a sewing machine. My wonderful husband, who supports my creativity, got it for me quite a few years ago. I tinkered around with it, managed to get a few items bound together, and put it away. When we bought our house almost five years ago, I boxed it up for the move. It has come out of that box (and back into it) once. I decided I couldn't remember how to thread it. And, what use was it without thread? I have since located the CD containing the instructions and want to try again soon.

I grew up with a mom who sewed and watched as my sister put the sewing machine needle through her finger. As such, I have a bit of a fear of the great biting machine. Yet, I envy the beautiful items other seamstresses make and always bookmark my favorites. Usually, they are just simply beautiful and seem 'easy' enough for me to attempt in the future.

Here are a few of them:

So. . .I wanna learn to sew, at least a little. How could I not when there are so many lovely things I could make and so many talented people who want to share these beautiful crafts. I guess I better break out the biting machine and those directions soon.


Heather Wigen said...

Okay, I have a freakin' sewing room that's been taken over by toys. When we get back from the cruise, I'm going to reclaim it. We should take a class one Saturday at All About Sewing. Here's their site so you can sign up for their newsletter. I've taken a few classes there and they are wonderful!

Christine said...

I am right there with you. Which is funny, because your post on shrink plastic sent me running to the craft store and my daughter and I have been having a blast with them. I, too have a sewing machine that I really don't know how to use. I signed up for an email sewing course, but I just can't get behind the projects. I just can't waste the fabric on something that I hate. This week I'm bound and determined to find a beginners project that's cute enough to sacrifice fabric to it.