Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crafty Weekend Indeed

Personal Creations
Oh, I was so very crafty this weekend!! It was wonderful.
I got to play with Shrink Plastic. Basically, I just cut sheets into smaller sections with a paper cutter and doodled on them with sharpies before punching holes in them for jewelry. I then shrunk them and began sealing them with Glossy Accents.
For a while I've been carrying around and putting holes in these small, plastic farm animals. I finally got them all done a few weeks ago, so I strung some of them as bracelets for my nieces. I think they're going to love them. We'll see in a few hours.
I also managed to collage some and made a few wooden pendants. This one was my favorite.
I did a little embroidery, but forgot to take the picture. I'll share at another time.

I really wanted to share these items to prove that I am crafty indeed. I hope I've proved my point.


Heather Wigen said...

I love the shrink plastic doodling! Did the girls like their bracelets????

Christine said...

I am totally going to the craft store next week for shrink plastic! I've been meaning to and then forgetting for like three years. I'm making a note right now. They're fabulous! and I loved the pendant!

CraftyHope said...

I'm just realizing that comments on this blog weren't being sent to me and I never knew you commented. So sorry!!! I've changed the settings and hope it works better now. Hopefully, I'll start posting here again soon!!
Stick with me guys, I'm a dufus!